Student Helper Profile

Dear student,

if you came here, it is because you are looking for a little programming job (or some related activities). Please use this form to let us know what your capabilities are, and what you would like to do.

Apart from plain programming hobs, there are also other activities that might be interesting for you. On the one hand, we do not only have programming tasks, sometimes, there are also administrative jobs, or we have to write a manual, or design and set up a web-page.

Apart from paid jobs (or as a first step towards such a job if you do not have the required skills yet), you might also consider doing a kind if "internship". Yet another option is to pick up on of the many open thesis projects (most of them at the MSc-level).

Either way, tell us what you can do, and what you would like to do! We will ask about the following areas:
- Motivation: why are you here?
- Contact Data: how do we get in touch with you?
- Availability: When can you start?
- Capabilities: What programming languages do you speak?
- Technology: What frameworks, products, and midleware are you knowledgeable in?
- Any thing else you want to say that we forgot to ask.