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Ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world. TED events invite leading thinkers to give the talk of their lives and provide a global platform for sharing that idea.

TEDxPerth is looking for ideas worth spreading for upcoming TEDxPerth events. To help us understand how your idea might fit into a TEDxPerth program, please complete the ideas survey and tell us a bit about yourself and your idea. If we are interested we will be in touch within 4 weeks of your submission.

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This is not just a title, or what you've done, or plan to do. Tell us the WHOLE idea you will share with the audience. Give detail of what the idea IS, not just your ambition for the idea. What evidence do you have that your idea is valid? If you are describing a novel approach to a problem, describe in detail what that approach is. For example, "We need to reduce social inequality" is not enough "We can solve social inequality by..." is better. If you don't give us this detail it will be harder to consider you for selection.
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TEDxPerth is dedicated to celebrating the great ideas coming out of Perth and WA, and the people of WA wherever they are. If you have no connection to WA, and your idea does not specifically relate to WA (ie it could relate to anywhere), we're not the right platform for you.
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