Parent Back to School Survey
Dear Parents:

Thank you for your support of Grove Public Schools this school year. Emergency distance learning in April and May required a monumental team effort between our teachers, staff and families. I am proud of what we accomplished by working together.

We plan to return to school in the fall and are excited to welcome our students and teachers back into our buildings. However, it is important for us to understand your preferences with regard to the upcoming school year. Your input is critical as we work toward putting plans in place that accommodate the wide variety of needs our students, staff members and their families may have. I encourage you to participate in the following survey, which will inform our Administration Team as plans are finalized for the upcoming year.

Please take time to complete the survey below -- once for every Grove Public School your children attend. The survey will close at end-of-day Friday, July 10. We value and appreciate your input. Thank you for your assistance.

Pat Dodson
What is your name? (Optional)
What school does your student attend? (Please complete one survey per child.) *
What grade did your child just complete? *
Are you planning for your student to return to Grove Public Schools? *
If you answered NO your student will not be returning to Grove Public Schools, why will they not be returning?
Grove Public Schools offers a virtual school, known as e-GROVE. We will also offer a Blended option for short term health concern. Do you plan to enroll your student in our traditional school, Blended option, or e-GROVE? *
Please identify which options best describes your child’s technology situation: *
What concerns do you have regarding your student returning to traditional school? Please select all that apply. *
Do you plan to allow your student to participate in extracurricular opportunities such as athletics, fine arts and club activities? *
What safety measures would you expect when you return to your child's school site? Select all that apply. *
If our district is required to close again at some point in the future due to the coronavirus, what would be your family’s biggest challenges? Please select all that apply. *
Please rank your preferences for school scheduling next year. (1 being the option you prefer the most) *
Traditional school five days per week
Hybrid schedule where students are in school buildings four days per week and learn remotely one day per week
Hybrid schedule where students are in school buildings two or three days a week and learn remotely on other days
Full-time remote learning
Would you encourage your student to wear a facial covering at school to protect others? *
Did your student ride a Grove school bus last year? *
Social distancing will be difficult on our school buses. We will have two waves of pick up and drop off. The first wave will primarily be outside of City limits and the second wave will be in-town routes. Both waves will use designated community stops. Drivers will wear PPE and riders will be provided masks and temperature checks. Do you plan to have your student ride a Grove school bus next year? *
Which methods of communication do you find most helpful for your family? Please select all that apply. *
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