Application form for the “BASIC SKILLS AND COMPETENCES FOR ENGLISH SPEAKING STUDENTS IN UKRAINE” winter school. December 2016
You are welcome to participate in an event which has not happened in the SNAU before ever. Teachers of Sumy NAU are ready to share all the necessary knowledge and skills on how to succeed in studies in Ukraine and reach your best in your professional growth. We have also invited several external experts to help us out. All you need is to come and ask as many questions as you can.

The winter school is preliminary a one-day event organized by the in-kind volunteering of Ms. Oksana Zamora, PhD, associate professor of the Foreign Economic Affairs and Eurointegration Department (SNAU) and a master student Ms. Abraham U. Habib (SNAU).
Why we say preliminary? Because the trainer is ready to collect your requests for further meetings and provide more trainings for you.

There is no participation fee. Language of training: English.
All the participants will be awarded with a certificate of attendance.
Feel free to invite your English speaking-friends from other universities!

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