WISHFUL questionnaire

The purpose of this questionnaire is to identify the most pressing needs from the industry with the goals of (i) prioritizing the WISHFUL research to be in line with the industry requirements and (ii) derive generic research scenarios and proof-of-concepts that will demonstrate the benefits of WISHFUL in light of the industry needs.

All questions have an optional text field that can be used for clarification purposes or to add additional remarks.

The Wireless Software and Hardware platforms for Flexible and Unified
radio and network controL (WiSHFUL) project will lower the wireless
experimentation threshold by developing flexible, scalable, open
software architectures and programming interfaces for prototyping
novel wireless solutions for a variety of applications ranging from
healthcare to smart cities, supporting players in high value-add
markets with considerable growth potential. Key features of WiSHFUL
include (1) unified radio control, providing developers with deep
control of physical and medium access components without requiring
deep knowledge of the radio hardware platform and (2) unified network
control allowing the rapid creation, modification, and prototyping of
protocols across the entire stack. WiSHFUL will also create a
testbed-on-the-move, consisting of portable facilities that can be
deployed easily and efficiently at any location, allowing validation
of innovative wireless solutions in the real world (with realistic
propagation and interference characteristics) and involving real

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