The Construct: Permanent Cyberpunk instaFreebie giveaway
Please complete this form to be considered for the next iF Cyberpunk giveaway, which is running on the 25th of October for 2 weeks.
Deadlines for submission for the iF giveaway is the 18th of October.

Although there are regular pushes via iF, this is an ongoing promotion, with books continually added over time.

To make sure readers can always access your book, and help aid discovery of other cyberpunk releases, please make sure that you have the following settings setup in instaFreebie for your giveaway:

Expires: Never
Shareable: Yes
Public: Yes

If you need any help on how to setup instaFreebie, please check out their starter kit here, or drop me an email:

What you need to do:
- Fill out the form
- Make sure your instaFreebie book link is active, set to never expire, is public and shareable.
- If you book is listed, then you will need to share the promo page with your newsletter as soon as it is added to the page AND when we are featured on instaFreebie. Promotions on social media are also required. Failure to help each other out, and work together to promote all our work will result in your listing being removed. No exceptions.

I will also be running some Facebook ads, and posting to a number of Cyberpunk related sites. More info on these as they become available.

Promo page:

If you have any questions please email me at:

NOTE: To make changes to an existing listing, email the details of the change to
Do NOT resubmit the book via this form.

Thanks for submitting your book. I'll be in touch as soon as possible with further details.

Cheers, Craig.

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