Tell Your Story to SafeStreetsCT
Have you been a victim of crime in Connecticut? Do you want others to hear your story so that they may learn from your experience?

You can participate in making our organization more impactful by sharing what you have been through! Our website can be a clearinghouse of the stories that you don't hear on the news. It will be a place where legislators can go to get more information about what it's really like to be a victim of crime.

You can do this completely anonymously by telling your story here. It will be submitted to SafeStreetsCT for anonymous publication to our website.

We will not reveal your personal identifying information without your permission. We will just post your story as you write it.

Just answer the following questions and we will get your story published (without your name of course, or with just your first name or just your initial - whatever you  prefer). If you wish to tell us your story, without providing your personal information, we still want to hear from you.
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Do we have permission to post your story on our website and to speak about your story publicly as long as we don't reveal your full name, phone number or email address or other personal identifying information provided and only post the story that your personally write, word for word in this form (under the section titled "Tell your story here")? *
Is it ok if we use your first name only to post at the end of your story? This will make your story more credible and personal. You can say no to this question but it would be helpful to use either a first name or initial. *
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Thank you for helping us build a safer Connecticut!
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