Don't Waste Your Singleness!
Singleness (like marriage) is a gift from God. But how do we use the benefits of singleness to full advantage in advancing Christ's kingdom?
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If you could give advice to other Christian singles, what would you tell them?
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What ways have you found to serve/minister? Does being single make these easier or harder?
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How do you cultivate deep relationships with other Christians? (Marriage at least forces you to live in the same house with another person. Single people can easily skim relationally, if not intentional about it.)
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What books or teachings have helped you use your singleness more fruitfully?
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Do you hope to remain unmarried for the remainder of your life?
Would a free, weekly interview with different Christian singles who explain how they use the freedoms of singleness to serve Christ more be helpful to you? *
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That would be great!
If you like the interview idea, would you be more likely to read the interview (1500 words) or to listen to a recording (10-15 minutes)?
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