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Educational Opportunities - For those groups that cannot sign up for a whole MEP or ELP, we offer Educational Opportunities that can run for one to four hours, delving into the natural marine ecology or cultural history of Fort Ross.
These interpretive presentations offer an age-specific orientation and introduction to the natural and cultural history of Fort Ross, including the Fort Compound buildings, fort neighborhoods and other park sites of interest, an introduction to the varied cultures and past and present eras of Metini-Fort Ross, including the Kashia Pomo, Alaska Native, Russian and Ranch Eras. An Educational Opportunity includes a hands-on visit to the rich interpretive display of the Magazin (illustrating the 19th century Russian American Company global fur trade) and/or a Trade Skit, for younger visitors.

If you pair this professionally led Fort Compound tour with other guided site visits (to the orchard, cemetery, etc.), a hike from Reef Campground, and/or with an independent visit to our museum, our Sandy Cove beach plus your picnic lunch, you have a half day or more of wonderful activities for your school group!
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Educational Tour – These prices are for up to 40 participants (1 Instructor)

Educational Tour - These prices are for groups with over 40 participants (possibly 2 Instructors necessary)
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