2019 - 2020 Application: IAM Student Leadership Council
Thank you for your interest in the IAM Student Leadership Council. Please complete the below application before October 18, 2019. Students selected to be on the IAM Student Leadership Council and remain in good standing through the program year, will receive a $1,000 College Scholarship which will be awarded during the program closing ceremony. Selected students will also have their $200 program registration fee waived. 

Must have completed at least (1) full IAM Mentoring Program year. This opportunity is only available to returning students.

Must be currently a Junior or Senior in High School

Must complete IAM Student Leadership Council application no later than Friday, October 18, 2019

Selected students must attend Leadership Orientation Training, date TBD

Selected students are not allowed unexcused absences and only allowed 2 excused absences during program year to receive scholarship

Only 5 students will be selected for the leadership council. Each student will be assigned a role on the council. Roles include President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, Marketing Coordinator and Financial Secretary.

The leadership council must arrive to program each Tuesday no later than 4:30PM to prepare for each session day and hold their council meeting. Members are also expected to assist Program Manager with session break-down.

General assignments for council members include, but are not limited to, serving as hosts for workshop presenters, leading student discussions, ordering dinner and supplies for session workshops, serving as liaison for Parent & Mentor Advisory Council, presenting student updates at IAM Board Meetings and facilitating brainstorm sessions with students to improve IAM Mentoring program.

If you have any questions, please email fharris@influencingaction.org.
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