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The PBHA Alumni Mentoring Program brings together alumni and current undergraduates to learn from each other and grow in their understanding of how they can fight for social justice. Participants in the program are paired based on shared areas of interest, and commit to meeting one-on-one about once a month. The entire mentoring group gets together for group reflection and celebration two to three times a year.

Who can be a mentor?

Any alumni of PBHA–i.e. former participant, volunteer, or director of a PBHA program–may apply to be a mentor. We hope that the mentoring group represents a wide range of ways to engage in social justice issues post-PBHA, whether as a community organizer, teacher, lawyer, academic, doctor, artist, journalist … the list goes on! We believe that social justice coalitions are strongest when we are all engaged in this work, whether our “day job” explicitly strives for social justice or not.

A great mentor should be:

- Able to commit time at least once a month to meeting with their mentee/attending group events.
- Interested in supporting the growth of a young(er) person who wants to strive for social justice.
- A good listener.
- Willing to engage with the questions of how professional and personal choices can contribute to justice and equality.
- Interested in building community with other PBHA alumni and undergraduates.

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What work are you involved in currently?
Please include any work you wish to share, whether a paid position, volunteer, organizing, activism, etc.
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What other positions have you held?
i.e. "Before working at PBHA, I was a preschool teacher and taught creative writing."
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What public service fields are you interested in or have experience with? (Check as many as you like)
What topics would you be interested in discussing with your potential mentee?
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While mentors and mentees may often be matched according to shared professional interests (an undergrad interested in education paired with a current teacher, for instance), successful pairs can also be based on shared interests, passions, and even humor. What would you like a potential mentee to know about you, besides your current work?
i.e. "My day job is working at a non profit, but I also write poems!"
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Anything else that might be helpful in matching you with a mentee?
i.e. "I did UTEP and can talk about that experience!" or "Dobby is my favorite Harry Potter character."
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