LDS "Best Books" Bracket: Round 1
Vote to narrow the field and find the best LDS book of all time
Understanding the Book of Mormon, Hardy vs. By the Hand of Mormon, Givens
Reexploring the Book of Mormon, Welch vs. Rediscovering the Book of Mormon, Sorenson / Thorne
Rough Stone Rolling, Bushman vs. Joseph Smith the Prophet, Madsen
Joseph Smith's Polygamy, Hales vs. Massacre at Mountain Meadows, Walker
Christ and the New Covenant, Holland vs. Jesus the Christ, Talmage
The Infinite Atonement, Callister vs, The Continuous Atonement, Wilcox
Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, Smith vs. Lectures on Faith, Smith
The Miracle of Forgiveness, Kimball vs. Believing Christ, Robinson
Book of Mormon Authorship, Reynolds/Tate vs. Book of Mormon Authorship Revisited, Reynolds
An Ancient American Setting for the Book of Mormon, Sorenson vs. Analysis of Textual Variants of the Book of Mormon, Skousen
Isaiah in the Book of Mormon, Parry vs. The Allegory of the Olive Tree, Ricks
The Messiah series, McConkie vs. Doctrinal New Testament Commentary, McConkie
Approaching Zion, Nibley vs. Temple and Cosmos, Nibley
Mormonism and Early Christianity, Nibley vs. Apostles and Bishops in Early Christianity, Nibley
An Approach to the Book of Mormon, Nibley vs. The Prophetic Book of Mormon, Nibley
Message of the Joseph Smith Papyri, Nibley, vs. One Eternal Round, Nibley/Rhodes
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