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Is this an existing network, or has it been created specifically for the Campaign? If existing, can you tell us about the current purpose / activities of the Network? *
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Participating arts organisations - please give name of arts organisations, contact name and email address of person in each participating organisation and address. If they are already signed up to the Family Arts and/or Age Friendly Standards, please do note this.
Please give a brief summary of what you want to achieve by working together to develop family audiences (e.g. new families engaging with network members, more repeat family visits, greater cross-over between venues, improved quality of experience for families, etc.)
How will you know if you have been successful? What tools will you use to demonstrate success (e.g. survey, focus groups, interviews, data analysis, etc.)?
We are exploring how we can better support Family Arts Networks to become more effective. How could the Family Arts Campaign support your network activity? E.g. training / providing resources etc.
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