PS29Plus Financial Aid Application

Please read this entire form prior to applying for Financial Aid.
Please fill out one form for each child.

All applications are confidential.

Financial aid is based on need and requires minimal documentation.

If you are applying for financial aid for Kids Club and/or Courses, you will complete the online Course Lottery Registration and select your preferred Courses.

You will be notified by email whether you are approved for financial aid or not, We will confirm the amount that you have been awarded in that email. You will be responsible for paying any remaining fees through the regular online registration and billing process.

If aid is not approved and you need to drop the course(s) you requested, we will waive the drop fee.

If you need help applying or prefer a printed copy to fill out, contact Naidre Miller, Director of After School at

PS29Plus is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is supported through the registration fees paid by its families.
Our program seeks to be available to people based on need, not income level, so we offer aid on a sliding scale.
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