Dublin Unified School District Request for Intra District Transfer - 2017-2018
Transfer requests within the district - BP 5116.1 Dublin Unified School District is a district of neighborhood schools. However, BP 5116.1 allows parents/guardians to choose the school their children will attend regardless of where they live in the distirct. The open enrollment window for the upcoming school year runs from February 15 - March 15. Transfers are granted pending space availability. Once the window is closed, requests can only be made if a family has moved from their residence within Dublin. All other requests submitted outside of the window will be denied
Please do not complete more than one intra district transfer request per student. You must complete one for each student you are requesting to transfer - siblings are not assumed.
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Current School of Residence
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If you are requesting more than one site, please indicate your choices below. There are spots for 3 choices. Only one choice is required, but there are spots to complete if you choose more than one.
FIRST CHOICE ~ School Requested
SECOND CHOICE ~ School Requested only if different from first choice
THIRD CHOICE ~ School Requested only if different from first & second choice
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Is your student currently attending the requested school because you have moved to another attendance area?
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This request is only for the remainder of the 2017-2018 school year (please mark ONLY if YES) This means that for the next school year, they will move to their school of residence based on your address
Have you notified the school of your new address?
If you have not already, you MUST notify the school of your new address within 14 days of moving and take in verification of residency.
Is a sibling CURRENTLY attending the requested school?
Name of Sibling
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If you have multiple children attending the school, be sure to complete an intra district transfer request for each child.
Is your student in any of the following programs?
In order to complete your request, please check each box and then sign your full name below.
I understand if this request is approved, my child may not transfer back to the school of residence without approval of a new intra-district transfer which must be submitted during the window period.
I understand that if I move out of Dublin, any approved intra district transfer is considered null and void and if I wish my student to continue in DUSD, I need to submit an inter district transfer from my new district of residence with 14 days of moving.
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