RK Watermelon Relay
Date: 22th May 2016
Location: Kepong Metropolitan Park
Distance: 3.4km/loop
Race Kit Collection: 22th May 2016 (5am-6.30am)

Event Agenda:
7.00am Warm up
7.15am Race briefing
7.30am Start
10.30am Cut Off Time
11.00am Prize giving ceremony
12.00pm Event wrap up

Registration Fee for a Team of 3 Runners : RM 120
Challenge Team: Representing a Running Group
Fun Realy Run: Open for Public

Runner's Entitlements:
For Challenge Team : Trophies for Top 5 winners (each runner receive a trophy)
1) Finisher Medal
2) Finisher Towel
3) Goodie Bag
4) Customized Bib
5) Watermelon
6) Fun + Fun + a lot of Fun

Terms & Conditions
1) A team of 3 participants.
2) For Challenge Team, it is compulsory to have at least 1 female in the team.
3) DO NOT bring your own watermelon. The watermelon used in the event will be provided by the organizer.
Each watermelon weighs around 2.5kg-3.5kg, hence the watermelon IS the baton of the run.
4) How does this work?
- 1st runner to carry the watermelon and complete the loop of (3.4km)
- Hand over the watermelon to the 2nd runner, thus continued by the 3rd runner in the next loop
- 1 st and 2 nd runner are to wait at the transition area once the 3 rd runner is on the run
- Upon the arrival of the 3 rd runner, the team will need to proceed to the “Watermelon Farm” TOGETHER.
5) Watermelon Farm
- Watermelon Marshals will assist the team in cutting the watermelon into HALF.
- The team will then be provided with 3 x Spoon
- The team will have to consume the watermelon, once done show the watermelon peel to our Watermelon
Marshal, throw it into the bin and then proceed to cross the finishing line TOGETHER.
6) The team must protect the watermelon at all cost. No trolley, bags (of any kind) are allowed into the run.Runners are only to carry the watermelon with their bare hands.
7) Should the watermelon are damaged or lost, the team will be penalize to run an extra loop (a 4 th loop) together,
proceed to Watermelon Farm, and consume the watermelon before crossing the finishing line.
8) Volunteers will be placed along the route to guide participants.
9) Whilst every reasonable precaution will be taken by the organizer to ensure the participants safety, participants run at their own risk and the organizer will not be responsible or held liable for any injury or death
howsoever arising from training for or during participation in the race.

Registration details:
1. Register via google form
2. Transfer registration fees to:
Acc Name: Runcity Motion Management
Bank: CIMB Acc No: 8602463964
3. Email the transaction slip to: runcitymotion@gmail.com and remark your Team Name in the transaction details.

Slots are available for 200 teams only.
Registration closing date: 30 th April 2016

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