Classics Eagles - Looking for a Team
This form is for individual players who are looking for a Classics Eagles team for the upcoming Spring 2022 season which begins in March. As openings happen in your child's age group, you could be contacted by a Classics Eagles Coach or the Classics Eagles Director about options.
Player's Year of Birth *
Player's Gender *
Player's First Name *
Player's Last Name *
Player's Current Grade *
Player's Most Recent Team / Club / Organization *
Please let us know what club team or recreational organization your child is currently or more recently participated.
Player's Playing Experience *
Please let us know how many seasons your child has played soccer, what level, or training programs they have participated in. Anything that helps us understand how much experience they currently have.
Player's Preferred Playing Position *
Parent/Guardian Contact Full Name *
Parent/Guardian Contact Phone Number *
Parent/Guardian Contact Email *
Are you looking to or open to possibility of coaching team? *
If we have enough players in age group who are looking for a team, we will try to create a new team. Sometimes, we will need a parent coach to coach or assist with this team. If we know ahead of time which parents are open to coaching, it allows us to help new teams form with a coach.
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