Taking a pulse on reparations
Free the Deeds is partnering with Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) to better understand how people interacting with Free the Deeds think about reparations. All the questions below are optional and will remain anonymous. We will create a summary of responses including a map to show the parts of the city where people who responded to these questions live. Your responses will help us understand what programming and partnerships are needed to advance reparations efforts in Minneapolis.

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How do you define reparations?
Who do you think ought to take the lead in initiating reparations?
Do you think you will see reparations legislation pass in your lifetime?
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What do you think the barriers are to repartions legislation being passed?
Please mark the choice that you feel most closely aligns with where you are right now in terms of supporting reparations:
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Please write any additional comments in regards to how you answered the above question.
If you need to learn more about how reparations would work or why reparations matter, where would you be most likely to go to learn more/where would be a good place for you to learn more? Check all that apply
What are your nearest cross streets (street and avenue, ex. 35th Street and 11th Avenue)?
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