Welcome! We're glad you're trying out the Rainforest Scorecard Short-Form.
This short-form Rainforest scorecard is a tool for discovery and dialogue. We use it before Rainforest Immersion sessions, to assess the current state of innovation capacity and sustainability, as well as to reveal progress after improvement initiatives. Think of it as: 1) a quick, intuitive assessment of innovation conditions in your organization or innovation ecosystem, and 2) introductory and intended to prepare you for in-depth conversation and work necessary to improve innovation in your organization or ecosystem.


1) Use Your Point of View
As you complete the assessment it is important to remember that this is about your direct experience of innovation in your organization or ecosystem. For example, the survey asks your perception regarding “innovation leaders”. Your answer would address the leaders you know, in the areas of your organization or ecosystem that you are familiar with. If for example, you are affiliated with an organization, your experience of leadership might be the CEO and her direct reports, as well as the board. The same is true with references to “organization.” Simply bear in mind that for every question you are answering from your direct experience and subjective point of view. It is best to answer quickly, without overthinking the questions. This will provide more spontaneous responses (and you'll finish faster!).

2) Choose a Unit of Concern: Organization or Ecosystem or...
The questions can be applied to a work team, a whole organization, or an entire ecosystem comprised of a combination of these across a whole region. Decide before you begin what your "unit of concern" will be. When we aggregate the scores of 100s of respondents from an organization or regional ecosystem, the combined high, low, and average scores reveal strengths and improvement opportunities to improve innovation performance. The menu below will help you identify your unit of concern.

3. Answer Carefully
You’ll note that responses are available in increments of 1. This provides important granularity to the analysis of your responses. This really matters when 100s of people respond about the same organization or ecosystem. The scores are in drop-down menus, so be sure to note the range of scoring for each section, as it varies from 20, 30, 40, to 50, depending on the assessment section. Be sure to scroll down to the number in the range you want. This is especially important if you want to respond with a high number.

Please complete this form in one session as partial data entered will not be saved.

About Your Data:
Your privacy is protected. Scores are never attributed to individuals unless requested by a group.
Your name, organization, city, and email will be captured so that:
-- we can send you the analysis of your results,
-- we can show your scores compared to anonymously aggregated results of any others we have from your organization and your area. If you don't want to compare your scores with others in your organization or area, leave these blank.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this assessment, please contact
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