Midd Mental Health Survey

Survey contains questions pertaining suicide and self harm. If you feel it is necessary, you can exercise your right to not complete the survey if it makes you too uncomfortable.
In wake of our recent campus tragedy, this survey is a response to understand students' past and current mental health status. The data on this survey will be used for the following:

1) To inform SGA, Faculty, and the Student Body of the status of students' mental health from their time spent at Middlebury

2) To aggregate information - without disclosing the identity of any individual - publicly to facilitate campus discussion and promote mental health services on campus

3) To create a proposal that details a comprehensive plan for Middlebury College in order to provide extensive mental health resources for its Student Body


-In this survey, you maintain the right to your anonymity. Your name and email WILL NOT be collected.
-In this survey, you maintain the right to withdraw at any time and are NOT required to complete the survey.
-In this survey, you maintain the right to express your concerns to its creators, whom are the following:

Luca Persistent (lbowen@middlebury.edu)
Daniel Wellons (ewellons@middlebury.edu)
Nadia Hare (nhare@middlebury.edu)
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