Anonymous Survey of Personal Needs for a Virtual Retreat
Your honest feedback is greatly appreciated in helping to develop an offering that can be of greatest service.
1. Evaluate your (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) needs right now. Among the needs/issues listed below, identify the one most pertinent to you that is your priority to address. *
2. Please elaborate on your choice from the first question or explain if you chose "other." If you have more than one need, please identify the others as specifically as you can. *
3. What are the resources you feel would be most helpful to address your need(s)? *
4. Please elaborate on what kinds of tools or resources you are seeking. For example, if "physical yoga," what kind of practice or what focus areas? If you chose "watching talks" with experts, specify what kind of experts and on what topics. *
5. If you could dream up your ideal yoga and wellness retreat right now, what would it look like and include? For an online retreat, what would make it worth your time and energy to attend? *
6. What would inhibit your joining an online retreat? *
7. Do you have any other feedback you'd like to share in helping Root 2 Rise Yoga develop an online retreat that would best serve you?
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