Online Journalism Overall Excellence
Fill this form out to apply for the GSSPA Online Journalism Overall Excellence Award. The purpose of the award is to honor the best online newspapers in New Jersey. The cost of entry is $40 and includes a written evaluation.

__ Online publication covers a wide range of stories from a wide range of angles.
__ Online publication incorporates social media, either on the site itself or as a separate supplement. Links to these sites are easy to find.
__ The writing is appropriate for an online publication and follows the inverted pyramid when necessary.
__ The publication is generally free of stylistic and grammatical errors.
__ The online publication takes risks; it covers topics not typically covered and/or seeks to present information that cannot be found elsewhere.
__ Artwork and photography are clear and successfully supplement stories. Captions and credits are appropriately used.
__ The publication successfully incorporates multimedia, such as video and audio clips.
__ The navigation of the site is organized; someone can easily find key areas, including an archive, stories and basic newspaper info.
__ The site appears to be updated regularly.
__ The site involves its student body through story coverage, student voices, interaction and/or social media.
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