Entrelancers Pitch/Freelancers Application
This form should be filled for the following two activities :
a) Project/Idea Pitch
If you are interested in pitching your idea or if you are actively looking for co-founders or freelancers for your project. You can just write a short description about your project and what are you looking for.

b) Freelancer services/promotion
If you want to promote your freelance services mention in description about you and what services you offer.

Once you have filled this form we will contact you to present in future Entrelancers events.
Note : We receive a lot of entries and its not possible for us to accomodate everyone, so try to give a detailed description for us to make it easier to select. If you entry is not accepeted for an event, we will reconsider it for future events as well.

If you have any questions please contact us :
Email us: info@entrelancers.com Or message through meetup OR call 0484766135 OR www.entrelancers.com

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Project Name
Name of your project/idea or company
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Project Pitch Brief or Freelancer Services Description *
( Project Pitch : Description about your project and what are you looking for in the event. Freelancer :About you and what services you offer) . Please fill this carefully as this field is the defining criteria for selection of entries.
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Goal of Presentation *
What are you looking for in the event ? Use the other option to be more precise.
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