ND United K-12 Legislative Session Survey
The 2021 legislative session begins in January. We know this could be a tough session with budget challenges, potential attacks on our profession, and we want to know what issues matter most to you.

We will need all hands on deck to make sure we can continue to provide quality public education in North Dakota.
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State funded paid family leave for all North Dakotans
Increase in per pupil payments for schools (this is the pool of money used to pay for salary increases, etc. in your local union contract)
Expand and fund teacher mentorship program for first two years of career
Reinstate simple majority votes for passage of bond issue instead of current 60%
Safety and Behavioral Health investments
Free school lunches and breakfasts for all students
Tax credit for educators out of pocket expenses for classroom items
Universal Pre-K
Please share here the issues important to you, if any, that were not represented above.
To win on the issues you care about most and to beat back the attacks on public educators, our legislators need to hear directly from those of us on the front lines. What are you willing and able to do to stand up for yourself and your colleagues? Please check all that apply *
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