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Om! We're looking forward to hosting you at Viveka Gardens. This information is for contractual purposes and for emergency and health reasons. It will be retained for 2 years on the google cloud and then deleted. Please see our Privacy Policy at vivekagardens.com for more information and how to opt out. See you soon. Om Shanti. Please also read this, http://vivekagardens.com/information-for-karma-yogis-wwoofers/
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I agree to take full responsibility for myself and for my personal property. The decision to participate in the activities is my own responsibility. In addition I agree that I will not hold Viveka Gardens responsible for any injuries or damages that might result from my participation in any of the activities. I confirm that I have health insurance. 'Sign' by typing your name
I confirm that I have I have the right to work in the UK and I will forward in advance a photo or scan of evidence to support this (eg EU passport, working visa). 'Sign' by writing your name.
Thank you for this, your care and effort are appreciated.
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