Venture Cafe Thursday Gathering Programming: Presenter On-boarding
We're excited to have you bring your ideas, expertise and session to Venture Cafe Winston-Salem's Thursday Gathering. Please fill out this form after you have confirmed the content, date and time for your program with the Venture Cafe Winston-Salem Program Director.


- Events are NOT about selling. Presenting at Venture Café allows you to showcase you and your business as a thought leader in our community. Don’t make the event about you, your company, or product: instead, make it about a hot topic or problem in need of solving and the opportunities for innovation around it.

- Events are ALWAYS free and open to the public. Events can be targeted to specific groups, however any and all guests will be encouraged to attend the event.

- Events are INTERESTING. We like out-of-the-box thinking. Unusual events typically yield the best results and amazing collisions.


- All events will be screened for appropriateness - mission, capacity, and calendar.

- After submitting the request, Venture Café programming staff will respond back to you to communicate if the event request has been accepted.

- Typical review and approval turnaround time is up to 1.5 weeks.

- Please note our space books up fast! We recommend submitting a request at least 6 WEEKS in advance of your proposed session date.

Presentation blocks are 50 minutes; traditionally a 35-40 presentation followed by a 10-15 minutes Q&A.

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DEMOGRAPHICS: Help us understand who is presenting at the Venture Cafe Gatherings. As a non-profit, this is very important information for us to continue to seek funding. Please fill out the following information for the Person of Contact. Is there more than one presenter/speaker in your session? (If yes, you will be contacted by email for team/panel demographics) *
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