Darkraven Games Free Audio Downloads Offer
Greetings to you, table top gamer. By filling in this short survey with just 13 questions, you will be emailed download links for THREE FREE Darkraven Audio sampler packages. NOTE: YOU CAN SKIP ANY/AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU LIKE, but if you have the time, we would appreciate your input. THE QUESTION ASKING WHICH EMAIL WE CAN SEND THE DOWNLOAD LINKS TO IS AT THE VERY END OF THE SURVEY IN CASE YOU WOULD JUST LIKE TO SKIP TO THAT POINT. It may take up to 10 business days for us to send you the download links. If you cannot find the links, feel free to contact us through our website and we will work to make sure you get it.

After we have received your input, we will send you an email with the download links for the following:
1) The "Underworld" chapter from our massive Darkraven Fantasy Soundscapes with -- 11 tracks to bring your subterranean adventures to life
2) Darkraven's, "Cthulhu I Soundscape", with 5 tracks to bring your Cthulhu adventures to life. Including one epic, 38 minute track
3) Our Darkraven Sampler, with 8 tracks from several of our projects to bring your table top games to life.

TOTAL: That's 24 tracks with 5.5 hours of sound with a $34 value for FREE for filling out this short survey.

1. Where do you live in the world?
2. What kinds of table top games do you play?
3. Which table top game are you playing the most right now?
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4. What kinds of 15 minute backgrounds, sound effects, or short experiences would you like to hear in a "mega-fantasy-dungeon" audio pack that we have planned for the near future?
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5. What kind of SciFi environments or mini experiences would you like to hear?
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6. What other kinds of fantasy tracks or fantasy audio products would you like to see from Darkraven?
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7. Is there any particular category of table top game or anything specific for which you would like to see Darkraven do audio for?
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8. Is there any particular table top game you would like to see Darkraven do audio for?
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9. Which crowdfunding platforms do you use most to back table top game projects? If none, write "none" *
10. If you answered "other" for Crowdfunding platforms you use, please enter which "other" crowdfunding website(s) you use.
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11. What do you think the most popular, or best table top game crowdfunding website is -- other than Kickstarter?
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12. How did you hear about Darkraven Games?
13. Which Darkraven products do you own now?
IMPORTANT: Which email address can we use to send you your free download links for Darkraven "Underworld" and Darkraven's "Cthulhu I Soundscape" and the other FREE audio goodies mentioned above to bring your table top games to life? (Note: Delivery may take up to 10 business days) *
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