PATH Intl. "Instructor Certification Scholarship for VSM" Application. Provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs Adaptive Sports Grant.
Criteria to Apply:
-PATH Intl. Individual Member
-Honorably discharged Veteran and/or Armed Service Member (VSM)
-Can provide budget outline for reimbursement pre-approval

-Alumni of a PATH International Equine Services for Heroes® program
-Candidate is ready to certify and can complete the process by July, 2019
-Candidate has already identified OSWC to attend
-Candidate has already completed/or secured plan for Mentoring hours

Scholarship may be limited. Upon acceptance, applicants will be required to submit a budget for pre-approval. PATH Intl. will reimburse the candidate for all expenses unless specifically requested otherwise. Reimbursement will occur within 30 days of submission by candidate. Funding can be used for all travel related expense (lodging, ground transportation, airfare) as well as costs related to the certification (workshop/certification/application fees). Should the candidate not pass, PATH Intl. is not responsible for re-submission fees. Reimbursement can be withheld if all processes are not appropriately followed.

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1. Are you a PATH Intl. Individual Member? *
1a. If yes, what is your PATH Intl. Member ID?
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1b. If no, do you plan to become a PATH Intl. Member?
2. Are you a honorably discharged veteran and/or armed service member (VSM)? *
3. Have you been a participant in a PATH International Equine Services for Heroes® program? *
3a. If yes, which center did you participate at?
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4. Are you affiliated in any other capacity with a PATH Intl. Premier Accredited Center? *
4a. If yes, what is the name of the center? Briefly describe your affiliation.
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5. Would you be able to complete your instructor certification by 8/1/19? *
5a. If you have already begun the process to become a PATH Intl. Certified Instructor, please explain where you are in the process and your plans:
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6. Which certification would you like to apply for? *
7. Briefly explain your equine management skills. *
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8. Please explain your intended plans after obtaining certification and why you are the best candidate for this funding. *
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Please outline a projected cost for attaining certification depending on your location, nearest OSWC and current step in the process. (We do not expect this number to be exact but a rough estimate- it is understandable that this number may change.)
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