Side Jam Interview Series
This interview series is for all entrepreneurs who have a passion for side gigs.

The Side Jam interview series highlights innovative ways to make extra money on the side, and the creative individuals who have the guts to say "Why the heck not?"

Let me know if you have a unique or interesting Side Jam that you'd like to share, and I may feature you on my blog!

Please be sure to include as much detail as possible, as well as the best email where I can reach you for any additional or clarifying questions I might have.

Thank you!

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What type of research or learning curve is required? *
Approximately how much time do you dedicate to this activity per month? *
Is this something you might try again some day? Why or why not? *
Overall, what did you learn by doing this activity? (soft skills, limitations, introspection, character-building, or any literal skills) *
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