DJ Application for Studio B Radio
We are looking for Experienced Internet DJ's that are reliable and love to DJ. We have both Audio & Video DJ slots open.
NOTE: If you have no experience DJ'ing before, do not sign up as you will not be considered. Sorry.
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What is your First and Last (Real) Name? *
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Where did you DJ? Name of Station and how long were you there? *
Were you an Audio DJ or Video DJ or both? *
What days and times are you available to DJ? (we ask a minimum of 2 hour shows and not longer than 4.) *
Please go to our website @ , and check our Calendar for open days and times first. (Subject to change)
We are a Variety-Oldies station and play many different genres. What genres do you plan to play on your show here? It is the DJ's choice! *
Do you plan to do a 2 hr, 3 hr, or 4 hour show? But 2 is minimum. *
Tell us anything else about you and your DJ'ing style that may help you get a show here at Studio B Radio. Studio B has been broadcasting since Jan 1, 2000. *
Do you use Facebook and or Twitter? *
What are your ID's for Facebook and Twitter? (if you don't have any put NONE) *
Do you have a regular following of listeners for your shows? *
If you don't have any, then it will be up to you to advertise and get listeners. We will give you some links for that but we expect the DJ to do his/her own advertising of their shows. We do help by having a website and DJ Page for each DJ.
We will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer. Thanks for your interest in the Studio B Radio Network. Broadcasting on the Internet for over 20 years.
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