Get to know our LGBTQ+ elders
There is a gap and a lack of data collected on the specific needs and concerns of LGBTQ+ elders.
Total Together is performing quantitative studies (LGBTQ+ Elders Needs Assessment) and qualitative studies e.g. interviews with the elders and focus groups.
We need to get a clear understanding on their needs and any unique challenges they face or have faced.

The responses used here are for data research purposes and no names or private contact details are collected in the process. Please be rest assured this will  not trace back to you, your spouse or your family.

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Have you ever visited a healthcare facility open as LGBTQ+? If yes, what was the reaction of the people you told? *
How did you feel after that experience? *
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When did you last get HIV testing *
Are you on; *
Do you have access to lubricants and condoms? *
Do you have any existing fears for anyone finding out your sexuality? *
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Do you have any health insurance? *
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Do you have funeral policy *
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