PDGA Europe Members Survey on Member Fulfilment
Dear European PDGA members,

Please, take a few short minutes of your time to complete this important survey.

PDGA Europe is now becoming its own self governing and self responsible division of PDGA Global, with its own office in Europe. To this end PDGA Europe will be assuming many of the roles and responsibilities previously held by PDGA headquarters in USA. Among the largest of these responsibilities is the fulfilment of memberships, which refers to the mailed package and electronic communications a member receives after joining the PDGA or renewing their PDGA membership.

The aim of this survey is to determine the most cost and labour efficient method(s) in which PDGA Europe can provide fulfilment services including which items you as a member most want to receive, and how PDGA Europe should deliver them to you. Your answers will also enable PDGA Europe to decide whether to use the same system for all countries or to use different systems for the different countries.

For a description of all the benefits of PDGA membership please see:


As a reference, here is a summary of the fulfilment costs that the different levels of PDGA member package would cost today if assembled by and mailed from the PDGA Europe office, based on the contents of the current (2017 and early 2018) member packages:

Renew Basic € 5.21
New Member Basic € 13.05
Renew with Rulesbook € 9.01
New Member with Mini € 20.34
Renew with Magazine € 28.78
New Member with Mini & Magazine € 36.62
Renew with Rulesbook & Mag € 30.75
New Member with Mini & Disc & Magazine € 38.59

Notes: All new member packages include the Rulesbook/Competition Manual. All 2018 Renewing packages will include the new Rulesbook.

Exception: Those countries and national associations who translate and print the new Rulesbook/Competition Manual into their own languages will be responsible for sending a copy to PDGA current members in their country. These translations receive financial support from PDGA.

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