Dueling Dysney Show Survey
Thank you so much for coming out Saturday night! We love our fans and want to give them the best possible burlesque show experience... we would appreciate any feedback. xoxo, LFF
How would you rate Dueling Dysney overall?
It sucked balls :(
Best night ever!
How likely are you to recommend a LFF show to your friends in the future?
Not in a million years :(
I've already told everyone I know!
How many burlesque shows do you attend per year?
What did you like best about Dueling Dysney?
How did you hear about Dueling Dysney?
What contributed most to your decision to see the show?
Would you be interested in taking a burlesque class or workshop? If so, what kind?
Do you have any other feedback for us? (All anonymous, unless you choose to share your info.)
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