Cress 2020 Entry Form
This is for entry to the 2020 competition. This is the first cress competition to take place in the era of GDPR. To be clear your data won't be used for anything other than cress, I'm not even going to use mail merge to send out the stuff - I tried every time before and it's just too complicated. If you don't consent to me having your information for this purpose and this purpose alone then stop here and go back to what you were doing. Entry does not guarantee acceptance. I have a limited (albeit huge) amount of cress and envelopes and I'm not going outside to buy more. Some celebrity entrants may receive priority to get the numbers up because this is about making money for charity and guess what, life isn't fair. There are no material prizes on offer and you will not get back any part of the time you waste on this. Your flat or house may smell a bit funny for a few days. Sort of like burnt hair. What else? Oh right, this will only work through Twitter - if you don't use or want to use Twitter that's fine but you won't be involved. I don't have the time to look after everyone.
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