Form GP-201: Verify your State or SAR
Note: we might ask for more information later if the information does not match public records.
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State/SAR Name *
We need this to know what state you're upgrading.
State/SAR Owner's Full Legal Name *
We need this to update our official records, and because I'm too lazy to go look every time. Pseudonyms are acceptable.
State/SAR Owner's Home/Territory Address *
This is the one that gets most people avoiding verification. We need this information because your state needs land, and to serve as land, we need your home, which is usually a person's only piece of land. If you have other land that you would like to use instead, please paste a link to a map of that territory.
Home/Territory Status *
We need this to know what public records to search. If you are renting the house, don't worry, we can still claim it as territory.
I verify that this is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. *
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