The Year Ahead: Trends Shaping Digital India
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Using a scale of 1- "Not Relevant" to 5 - "Very Relevant", please rate the relevancy of these macro trends to India's digital businesses in 2018
1. Rise of Social Commerce: Brands likely to create engagement with customers around content & community *
2. Digital Future Lies in Vernacular: Next opportunity for consumer internet companies lies in localising their offering *
3. Ecosystem enablers like warehousing, logistics to grow & integrate into core-businesses of large companies *
4. Digital Payments Going Mainstream: UPI-BHIM, POS-players alongside bank-adoption will accelerate cashless touch points at scale *
5. Differentiated online-first brands focussed on specific target groups to become power players in next e-commerce wave *
6. Frontier-Tech solutions like AI, ML & Blockchain will gain precedence: Companies will extract value from large datasets collected over time *
7. Emergence of Alternate Commerce: Combination of omni-channel & assisted commerce to be adopted by consumer businesses *
8. Future of Media, Gaming & Entertainment going digital: Reducing smartphone & internet costs will lead to digital first consumption patterns *
9. Emergence of Enterprise Tech: Products built for Indian CTO’s: India-first tech products that increase efficiency of large organizations will materialize *
10. Rise of 3D printing: Manufacturers across sectors to leverage 3D printing for business functions such as proto-typing & mass-customization *
11. Robotics pushing boundaries: Leveraging robots to improve efficiency across business processes *
Using a scale of 1- "Not Relevant" to 5 - "Very Relevant", please rate the relevancy of these sectors to the Indian Startup Ecosystem in 2018
Agri-Tech: Enabling a new green revolution
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Disrupting the automotive sector
Leveraging Technology to enhance Healthcare
Innovation in Ed-Tech: New Methods to enable learning
Revival of Food-Tech: Scaling fine-tuned hyperlocal models
Any sector or trend you think we might've missed out on, but is something to watch out for in 2018? We'd love to hear your thoughts!
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