2021-2022 VA Chapter Thespian Officer Application
Please fill out the following application in order to be considered for a 2021-2022 VA STO/RTO position. Please make sure that you will be available during the dates listed on the Weebly application page!
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What will your grade level be in SEPTEMBER? *
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How many VA State Festivals (including TNL) have you attended? *
Note: This is just for information purposes and will not "make or break" your application.
Have you run for a CTO position before? (Not Shared) *
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We will use this to verify that you both understand the attendance expectation for the necessary meetings.
Please check all that apply regarding your transportation options. (Not Shared) *
"Transportation" refers to your method of traveling to the 2021-2022 Virginia CTO meetings, which might take place in places such as New Kent, Virginia Beach, and Shenandoah/Northern Virginia, depending on scheduling and home locations of STOs. You will most likely need to travel out of your hometown at least once.
Are you interested in applying for a specific Thespian Officer position? Check all that apply.
If you have an idea for a position that you would like to originate and possibly fill, explain in the "Other" option below.
If you are applying for the STO COMMUNICATIONS position, please include your usernames for the various social media platforms you already use (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc) so that the Board can get a sense of your online presence.
Why do you want to be a VA Chapter Thespian Officer? *
What are some things you would like to help implement/focus on as a VA Chapter Thespian Officer? *
What skills do you possess that would help if you were a Chapter Thespian Officer? *
List any formal leadership training you have received (for example, workshops [especially one at Thespian Festival!], webinars, etc).
Provide TWO (2) possible ideas of themes for this year's event and explain how you would "bring the theme to life" at Festival 2022. *
For example, the past few festival themes have been "20/20 Vision: A Clear Future for Theatre" and "All the World's a Stage." A theme should be a short, easy-to-remember slogan - the International Thespian Festival also has great examples ("Discovering Character," "Your Place to Shine," "There Will Be Drama"). These suggestions will be considered during the August CTO Retreat to choose a theme!
When reflecting on the past year, what would you consider your greatest failure (theatre-related or otherwise) and what did you learn from it? *
Any remaining thoughts/Anything else you want us to know about you as a person?
A Few Last Instructions
Please email a current headshot of yourself (to be shared in an "Introduction to Your New CTOs" post on social media and on the VA Thespians website) to stos@vathespian.org. Thank you!

Additionally, in order to be considered for a CTO position you must have a form of transportation so that you may fulfill your duties if elected. Please let us know if this is a problem for you.
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