Megaphone: Your Sustainability Story
Sustain Dane and Living in Balance invite you to participate in The Megaphone! We believe in the power of our stories to inspire change. Centering our diversity as the greatest strength in our region, we know that our multiple stories and perspectives are fundamental tools to address the urgent needs of our communities.

The Megaphone aims to be a powerful community platform that provides the space and tools to craft and share our stories; people from different backgrounds, races, age, gender and geographies that are working on and want to inspire others to build a more sustainable and inclusive community. Learn more about The Megaphone at
If you had the opportunity to share your story to a fellow Madisonian, what story would you share? The challenge: You can only use 6 words!
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Describe a moment when someone's story from your local community inspired you to take action for social or environmental change.
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