Winter20 HCDE517 - Usability Studies - Project Proposal
In HCDE 517, students participate in a quarter-long project that requires them to identify a product or service that could benefit from a usability analysis and test. The usability test will typically be a remote study conducted over web-conference or an in-person study.

BENEFITS TO YOU: Under expert supervision, the students will engage in product and user research, formulate an appropriate usability study, design and execute that study, and analyze and report on their finding. Students generally complete an initial study proposal, an interaction or experience map, a study plan, a study kit, and a final report and presentation.

WHAT WE ASK FROM YOU: Project teams will require direct access to potential users and the systems they will evaluate. Typically, sponsors should be available for an introductory meeting the 2nd week of January, time to answer occasional questions during the quarter, and to review a final report or presentation at the end of quarter (early/mid-March). Some sponsors also provide access to unique test environments, hard-to-reach user groups, or other resources.

To help you scope a project, you can review an example syllabus:

To submit a project please complete the following:
1) Fill out the short form below
2) Complete the project slide

This should take you about 10 minutes or less to complete. THANK YOU!
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Project information
The students will *not* be conducting unmoderated remote usability tests (such as on Is this acceptable for this project? *
From whom did you hear about the HCDE 517 project?
If you heard about this opportunity from an instructor, we'll plan to make them your primary contact.
What is the maximum number of teams you would like to work with on *this project*? *
We offer some projects to a team in different sections of HCDE 517. This allows you to get more perspectives on the project, but it also means a bit more work for you to support and engage with teach team. NOTE: if you are submitting multiple projects, our default is to treat your max teams as the sum of the max for each project; if that is not the case please email so we don't overcommit you.
Please fill out a slide to describe your project (link below)
This slide will be used to "market" your project to the student teams.

To improve the chances of your project being selected, please visit the link and fill out the relevant information. The more information you provide will help students get excited and understand the scope of your project.
If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to reach out to for more information.
When will you hear back if you project was selected?
Project selection is a 2-step process:
1) As soon as you submit this form and the accompanying slide, your project will be evaluated by the teaching team for fit for this class (please note, your project should be about completing a usability study on a system, not completing A/B testing, focus groups, user acceptance testing, etc). You will hear back 2 weeks after submission if your project is approved for consideration.

2) You will hear back by the 2nd week of January(2020) if your project has been selected by a student group.

For more information or questions on this, please email Daniella at
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