Reaching Home Campaign
The Reaching Home Campaign is undergoing a restructuring process. Many of you have been active in this process and are currently members within the Campaign’s workgroups and subgroups. As part of this process, the Campaign has collectively identified a new statewide goal—by 2023, homelessness in Connecticut will be rare, brief and nonrecurring . The Campaign also created a new streamlined structure consisting of the following statewide workgroups: Data and Accountability, Prevention Workgroup, Resource Allocation Workgroup, CAN/Homeless Delivery System Workgroup, Sustainability Workgroup (see descriptions below).

To achieve our collective statewide goal, the Campaign is seeking members to serve on these new workgroups. Members will work to create and advance creative and collaborative solutions to prevent and end homelessness in CT.

If you are interested in maintaining an active role in a certain area, joining a specific workgroup, or know someone interested in joining, please fill out the participation form by July 31st. All meetings will be open to the public, and there will also be opportunities to participate on task groups that will take on specific tasks identified by the workgroups.

Your insights and expertise as we move forward in this collective work are crucial. It is important to note that the membership of each workgroup is limited. Please note that not all who submit a participation form will be selected to sit on these standing workgroups.

If you have any questions you’d like to have answered before submitting a participation form , please contact or for more details/information.

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