Agreement for long term loan of IT equipment
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HP Chromebook G4 / G5
The above equipment is agreed as a long term loan to the named user. As part of this agreement, the user undertakes to make best endeavours to keep the equipment in good condition and safe. The above equipment must be returned to the school at the end of the loan period or at the request of the Headteacher.
Terms of loan/usage
• The IT equipment remains the property of Westhaven School at all times
• The IT equipment is loaned for the sole, exclusive use of the named user for educational/work purposes
• The IT equipment MUST be kept at home and kept secure at all times.
• The IT equipment hardware and software can’t be altered or modified
• Report any faults or damages as soon as possible
• The IT equipment can’t be used for commercial purposes or monetary gain
• The IT equipment will have management and/or monitoring software installed for security and safeguarding purposes
• All the terms of the staff/student AUP apply

The user must undertake to take proper care of the equipment whilst in their possession and will abide by the requirements of the school’s insurance policy with regard to protecting the equipment from loss or damage. They agree that, should the equipment be lost or damaged due to exposure to a noninsured risk, they will replace or arrange for the repair of the equipment at their own expense.
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