Capoeira Feminista
Hilary L. Gold

Workshop description
On a practical level, young women and female identified trans people are engaging in cultural production as leaders, teachers, students and participants who demand substantive equity with men. The regeneration of oral histories, through
improvised rap music and Capoeira songs and the embodied knowledge, through performance of break dance and Capoeira movement vocabulary expresses a hope for a different future. Capoeira Feminista asks that we broaden and deepen our definitions of ‘colonized’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘politics’. The most intimate violence is from those we know. We must be in conversation that is meaningful to both women of the global south and our sisters internationally. We must demand our sisters voices are heard in the academy and beyond. As my colleague and fellow worker for Afro-Indigenous women’s rights says so eloquently, “Parar o genocídio contra as mulheres jovens Afro-Indígenas. Temos o direito de viver também!” (Stop the genocide against Afro-Indigenous women. We have the right to live too!) I carry those words in my heart every day. This is for my Afro-Indigenous Brazilian sisters and fearless community leaders, your struggle will
never be silenced, because we are many!
Activities Capoeira Feminista Workshop Outline
Through the workshop we will visit the meaning of Capoeira; Music and Oral History of Capoeira; Stretching and Capoeira Movements; Music practice; Capoeira ‘Roda’ (Whole group practice together).

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