The Reasons Why Covid Is Spreading Rapidly In Our Community.
Your help in completing this survey is essential to curbing the spread of Covid. The numbers are increasing daily and this survey aims to help locals understand why and then change their everyday behaviors accordingly. In California, 320,804 cases have been confirmed as of July 12th!
This shared information can help our community to keep family, friends, and essential workers safe.
Next Steps: We will consolidate all results, write up a detailed action plan to help stop the growing number of cases, and share the results and recommendations.
This survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete. Please do it now. Then share this survey with your network. We are all in this together!

CDC recommendations:
How to protect yourself and others:

Spanish version:

What is your zip code?
What non-essential activities have you participated in since shelter in place has been lifted (March 2020)? *
Where have you been potentially exposed to the infection?
Are you an essential worker?
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How often are you using a face cover when outside home?
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How diligent are you with washing hands with soap and water for 20 secs or using alcohol sanitiser after touching public surfaces/cough/sneeze/mask?
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How diligent are you with 6 foot distance from people?
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How often do you clean frequently touched surfaces at home?
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How old are you?
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What is the age of the youngest person in your household?
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What is the age of the oldest person in your household?
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What race do you identify with?
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Have you ever tested positive for COVID 19?
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