Kehi Garoun Membership 2019

KG Circle is a group of teachers and volunteers who are interested in following things:
1. Charity - identifying needs, channeling donation being a jury and attending the monthly meetings.
2. Being a ladder – should be ready to be trained in facilitation skills and then facilitate sessions for students (1 mentor should take responsibility of one school.)
3. Inside Out Change - promoting and exploring as a Kehi Garoun Member and participating in mindfulness activities, retreats and community events.

1. For Annual campaigns teachers must be responsible for raising 25% of the total fund and remaining 75% will be raised by Kehi Garoun.
2. Monthly 7k will be allocated for the needs that are urgent.
3. Monthly 3k will be allocated for Educators circle activity.
4. Balance amount at the end of fiscal year’s will be allocated for next year’s charity program.

Transparency: A separate account will be managed by the KG Circle, and its details will be posted in KG website.

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