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Union University Campus Event Approval Form
The purpose of the Campus Event Approval form is to assist Union University in encouraging, supporting, coordinating, and approving all student events, trips, fundraisers, and general philanthropy. In addition, this form assists in the proper coordination and marketing of all events, trips, fundraisers and philanthropies, while also ensuring the safety of our students. Finally, the approval form assists the leadership and planning committees of each organization with professional guidance in working with faculty, staff, fellow students, local businesses and donors in order to support the Christ-centered values and mission of the University.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Leadership & Engagement.
Jason Castles,
Jenn Smith,

Name of Organization requesting approval
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Your Name
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E-mail Address
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Cell Phone Number
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Organization Advisor
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Advisor E-mail Address
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Will your Advisor be chaperoning this event?
Date or Dates of proposed event or fundraiser
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Location of proposed event or fundraiser
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Describe your proposed event.
Please include theme and other important details.
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Approximately how many people will be attending your event?
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Has your organization held this event in the past?
If yes, please include date.
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How do you plan to market your event?
If this event is a fundraiser, do you plan to contact donors?
If you are contacting donors, please list the donors that you would like to contact and your request for donation.
Your answer
Have you contacted Mrs. Tina Netland (731-661-5090) to place the event on the UU calendar?
Have you reserved space with Mrs. Tina Netland?
Will money be collected/deposited into an account?
Will you be using Union vans for your event?
If so, have these vans been reserved through Safety & Security?
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