30Network Vancouver: Civic Engagement Application Form
CityHive is on a mission to transform the way that youth are engaged in civic processes, planning and decision-making in Vancouver.

YouthfulCities is a global initiative to rank the world’s top 100 cities from a youth perspective and lead a unique urban regeneration in the process.

Together, CityHive & Youthful Cities are co-hosting Vancouver's 30Network: Civic Engagement, a pop-up think & do tank of the top 30 young urban influencers under 30. Over five sessions, these 30 influencers will co-create innovative solutions to civic engagement challenges in Metro Vancouver, in collaboration with key partners in the region.

Are you one of our 30?

We're looking for 30 young urban influencers under 30 with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. We're looking for influencers who aren't afraid of rolling up sleeves, diving into an issue, working closely and collaboratively, and creating impactful projects. The four sessions will take place over four days between March - May. Dates are tentatively set for:

Wednesday March 28 (evening)
Saturday April 7
Saturday April 14
Saturday April 21
Saturday May 5

The public Launch Event and finale will be in mid-May (date TBD).

The Application takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and cannot be saved. Applications are being reviewed on a rolling basis until March 12th.

Questions? Shoot us an email at info@cityhive.ca.

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