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Oh Lord Help Us, provides mentoring, community connection, and opportunity for employment. We have two programs to accomplish our mission.

The first is Hope + Vine, an employment and mentoring program. Hope + Vine participants work as artisans, creating inspirational jewelry, apparel, and accessories. As the young women are working in the workshop, we intentionally mentor them in professional and life skills, and we walk with them in their faith journey. The goal of Hope + Vine is to help these young women transition to a stable and secure future.

The second program is Inspiring Hope. This is a community support and mentoring group offering life skill development, spiritual guidance, and a safe place to process emotions and trauma. This group meets weekly in the comfort of someone's home, with fellowship over a meal. The goal of Inspiring Hope is to help the young women further their growth and healing journey.
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There are two types of volunteer opportunities, occasional and on-going.
Occasional volunteers are just that, one-time, once a month, once a quarter, etc.
On-going volunteers are those who desire to spend regular time with the artisans in the workshop; this requires 5+ hours per week.
On-going - Workshop Volunteer
This role requires multiple hours/week in the workshop helping to make jewelry, heat pressing shirts, sewing, etc. while talking with our young women. All of our volunteers are asked to go through our training process.

If you would like to be an on-going volunteer in our workshop, please click yes below and fill out the form that follows.
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