UKRDA Conflict Resolution Information
This is the Google Form for submitting requests for assistance via the UKRDA Conflict Resolution panel.

Please find our Complaints Procedure here:

Our Code of Conduct here:

Please read both of these before completing the form on the next page.

Once we have received your form we will be in contact within 7 days. If we require any more information we will be in touch to request that as part of our assessment.

We have a panel to deal with our conflicts. They will recruit appropriate people to make a fair decision. If you are unhappy with the decision, please follow our complaints procedure.

Please note: we keep all complaints anonymous, we only ask your name to enable us to address you via email.

Your data: Once we have a notification of a complete form, we will process all data according to the UKRDA Online Privacy Statement:

Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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