Arlington Community High School Student Questionnaire
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1. Where do you plan to go immediately after high school? (Mark all that apply.) *
2. What do you want from Arlington Community High School? (Mark all that apply.)
3. Are you coming back to ACHS?
4. Did your classes challenge you? Did you learn a lot? *
5. Did teachers and/or counselors help you make a plan to follow after graduation? *
6. Did you get the classes you wanted? *
7. Did the Tutoring Center help you?
8. If you are a day student, did the Career Cafés help you? If you are an evening student, did the Focus On Success meetings help you? *
9. Would you recommend ACHS to others? *
Using the traditional grade style ("A"=Excellent, "B"=Good,"C"= Average,"D"=Below Average, and "E"= Needs Improvement) please rate the following statements:
10. The quality of my classes. *
11. Teachers expected quality work from me. *
12. Teachers could answer my questions in class. *
13. When I had a problem, I got help from someone. *
14. Staff gave me information about plans after high school. *
15. The amount of learning in my classes every day. *
16. How much the staff knew me and cared about my success. *
17. My relationship with teachers and staff. *
18. My overall educational experience at Arlington Community High School. *
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