Interest in Book Creators Program (Fall 2021)
This form is to give me some background information on you (and make you think more about the why behind writing a book). Plus we'll use the answers to help identify a book topic. Expect to spend 10-15 minutes answering the questions.

FINAL DEADLINE TO PARTICIPATE: Must finish your topic call with Professor Koester by Friday, October 15th. Be sure to schedule your call here:

For details on the program, please review the overview packet:
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Your College/University/Graduate School/High School + Year(s) of Graduation (or expected graduation if still in school) *
Questions to Help Identify or Solidify Your Book Topic
You will use these answers on the call with Professor Koester to help you identify or solidify your book topic (Note: Don't worry if you don't have a topic yet as about 60-70% of authors do NOT have an idea for a book before our call)
What groups/types of people do you enjoy spending time with? *
Software developers, vegans, space enthusiasts, rowers, speech & debate people, softball players, people who bake, travelers, etc.
What intersections of your interests would be the most fun/interesting to explore? *
Pick two interests/hobbies/activities/subjects/majors, etc. and think what would be interesting to combine and explore/research. Ex. Working Out + Travel; Soccer + Food; Marketing + College Students; Drones + Fishing; Technology + Africa; Long Distance Running + Longevity; Female Empowerment + Early Education; Bitcoin/Crypto + Agriculture (List as many as you want)
If you were asked to give a speech/talk, what event or conference would you most like to give it at? *
Describe your dream job. *
These are like the COOL jobs that you usually don't tell people about, but would be awesome. Thinks like wedding photographer, sports agent, novel writer, NASA astronaut, baseball scout, working on Virtual Reality at Facebook, youtuber, professional singer, work at Tesla, etc. (You can list multiple things too and if you have it already, tell me what you are doing now and why it's awesome!)
What is your current idea for a book topic? [If you don't have one, just say "N/A" or make up something okay and Eric will chat with you on your call] *
What is your PRIMARY motivation for writing a book? *
What is your SECONDARY motivation for writing a book? *
FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions
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